Prompt for April 7, 2015

Complete the short story / flash fiction, that has the following first paragraph:

He gazed out at the sea of men that sat astride their wyverns in front of him and stood taller, straighter, as if their devotion was making him stronger and more powerful.  Perhaps it was.  He stepped to the edge of the rocky stage and lifted his right arm in the air and pointed it at the sky above.  “I swear to you, my loyal subjects, my friends, that I will give all within my power to right the wrongs that have been inflicted upon us by the House of Barrow.  I swear to you that I will give my life for your kith and kin so that they may live the life of a freeman.  I swear to you that the House of Barrow will fall and that all of Ramsfield will be free of their tyranny.  I swear to you that I will bring your queen – my wife – back to you.  Now, let us ride into the sky and send those bastards back to Hell.”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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