Prompt for March 17, 2015

Complete the short story / flash fiction, that has the following first paragraph:

I remember what it was like when I took my cat in to get euthanized.  She had been suffering for a number of weeks and the vet and I had come to an understanding that it was probably in her best interest to be put down.  They let me hold her as the doctor injected the fatal mix of drugs into her system.  She hadn’t lost the ability to purr yet, so she was purring as I rubbed her fur and the drugs took hold.  Her purring faltered, started again and then stopped.  Forever.  I thought of this as I lay in the arms of my maker, as she stroked my face, telling me what I good boy I was.  Only I was going to go out without a fight.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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