Prompt for March 27, 2015

Complete the short story / flash fiction, that has the following first paragraph:

The raindrop fell from the clouds and was buffeted by the winds as it fell towards the earth.  It started off small, but as it collided with other rain drops it gradually grew in size and still it fell.  Past the top of the skyscraper it plummeted, narrowly missing becoming just another wet drop on a window pane, but the wind swirling around the building took hold of the drop and flung it away from the building.  Down it hurtled, past the tops of the other buildings at a sharp angle to the ground as the wind still held it in it’s grasp.  The droplet narrowly missed one, two, three trees as it continued on it’s inexorable flight to the ground only to strike the detective squarely in the eye as he bent down to look at the corpse in rain-soaked clothes at the base of the oak tree.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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