Prompt for September 21, 2015

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following first paragraph:

He kicked at the leaves that seemed to be attracted to him like iron filings to a magnet. His Armani suit was not intended to be worn while wandering through the woods in fall, but that is where Jeremiah Theodore Wilkinson found himself. His car, his brand new BMW, inexplicably stopped in the hollow of a deserted road and with no cell phone coverage he was forced to find his own way out of the mess. He thought he had seen a house through the woods and had started in that direction, but the farther he walked the more distant the house appeared to be until, after the last copse of dense trees, he lost sight of the house altogether. The woods reminded him of his teenage years with his adopted parents and that was something he did not want to relive.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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