Prompt for February 1, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

The door closed behind the last customer and the bar was quiet. No music from the jukebox, no noisy crowd trying to speak to each other, no games on the television, no pool playing in the back. The bar was quiet. Jayson enjoyed these few moments of silence as he did after every closing shift. He liked people, just not all the time, and after an eight-hour shift of being yelled at, cried at and women trying to get in his pants, he was glad that the bar was closed for the night.

He turned off the outside lights and did a quick check of the tables to make sure that all the glasses had been picked up. He was alone in the bar as Marcia, his best friend and the head waitress at Howl At The Moon, had left with the last of the customers, making sure that Jeremy Philstrom got home safe. His wife would never forgive him if Jeremy got into an accident after drinking at the bar. He smiled when he thought of petite little Sylvia tearing into Jeremy for coming home drunk again. He had asked him to slow down but he was too excited about the upcoming basketball tournament that he was helping organize to realize that he was way past his limit.

Jayson was doing his check of the bathrooms when he realized that someone was still in one of the ladies stalls. From the angle, he had he assumed that they had fallen asleep after puking their guts out into the toilet. Getting mentally prepared to haul Sleeping Beauty out to the main bar he tapped on the stall door, not really expecting a response, so he wasn’t surprised when there was none. He pushed on the door gently, discovered that it was open and pushed it all the way.

When he was questioned about what happened later, he wasn’t sure whether it was the sight or the smell that hit him first, but he knew that this had been the first mutilated body he had ever seen.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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