Prompt for February 3, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

The light was bright, blindingly bright, so he just closed his eyes and suffered through the forty-five seconds of torture before the world turned dark. When the light turned itself off he opened his eyes and looked at the panarama before him. Stars stretched from one side to other of the window that stretched before him. The oxygen in the observation room was very thin so he couldn’t do much other than watch universe rotate around him.

Yes, the world revolved around Dmitri Voskov, at least, that is what his mother always told him. Growing up his parents had always given him what he wanted, no, what he had needed in order to excel at sports and at school. He had entered the space program while still in his early twenties and was the youngest person to be permanently based on space station placed in orbit around Venus. Terraforming plans that were going to take generations were carefully monitored and it was one of his responsibilities to ensure that the plan stayed on target.

But fringe groups didn’t want Venus to be made into another Earth. They thought that we had already destroyed one planet what gave us the right to destroy another. No one thought that they were dangerous, but, here he was, on a space station that had been flung from Venus orbit and was headed towards the sun. He was going to suffocate before he got there as the oxygen was dangerously low.

He paused in his musings. The stars weren’t moving across his field of vision and the sun should have rotated into view again. Something was wrong, no right, no, different. The space station had stopped rotating and nothing in this part of space should have been able to do that.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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