Prompt for February 17, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

He could still feel her hand in his, as he sat in the church pew, even though he hadn’t held her hand in 637 days. It had been a cold February morning and the roads, although not snow covered, were shiny with a thick layer of the freezing rain that had fallen during the night.

She had been in a hurry that morning, having gotten behind schedule due to the traffic and the road conditions, and was speeding so that she could drop him off at work on time. At twenty-five, he still hadn’t gotten his license and that required Ember to drive him to work every morning on the way to her job. It wasn’t that he couldn’t drive, but his dyslexia made the written exam very difficult and he was too proud to ask for help. No one knew if he had been driving if that would have made a difference but, in the end, the accident occurred.

The road curved just before the bridge crossing the RedRock River but the car refused to obey and instead of following the path that they had successfully traversed a thousand times before the car went straight.  The car turned sideways when it hit the snow at the side of the road and eventually flipped twice throwing both him and Ember from the vehicle moments before it went over the embankment, breaking a hole through the ice and sinking swiftly to the bottom.

He had heard her screams for help before he saw her, hidden by the mounds of snow that the car had dredged up. His legs didn’t seem to be working properly so he had crawled over to her, grabbed her hands and held on until passing motorists stopped and helped.

He thought that it was just an accident, just something that they would talk about in their old age and tell their kids, but Ember changed. She couldn’t look at him, couldn’t touch him, couldn’t even talk to him without crying. Within weeks of the accident she had moved out and now, 637 days later, she was getting married to an accountant. An accountant who knew how to drive and always had winter tires on his vehicle.

“I should leave the church before she arrives,” he thought to himself as he manhandled himself into the wheelchair that had been his home since the accident. He had broken his spine during the accident and Ember blamed herself for the accident and was never able to forgive herself even though he had never blamed her. He strapped himself into the wheelchair and was heading down the aisle to the exit when he heard a voice from behind him.

“Jeremy? Is that you?”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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