Prompt for March 1, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

“You know,” said Ted, “theoretically, at least ten popes have been gay.”

The table was quickly covered in a layer of alcohol as almost everyone in the group spit out what they had been drinking. Morris, drinking his usual Coke Zero, just smiled as he watched the drama unfold. He knew what Ted was doing and refused to be drawn into the scrum that was starting up, so he just leaned back in his chair, covered his glass to make sure that no one inadvertently spit in it and watched as the debate started.

“Are you calling the Pope gay?”

“Not at all,” Ted replied calmly, “that is, not necessarily the current one, but other Popes, yeah.”

“OK, hotshot, what makes you say that?” Morris smiled. This was exactly what Ted had been waiting for and based on the gleam in Ted’s eye this was a topic he had been researching recently.

“Approximately 2% of people classify themselves as LGBTQ. A Janus report from 1993 upped that number to approximately 9% of people being LGBTQ. And yet, the National Bureau of Economic Research, when asking people indirect questions about their sexuality indicated that has much as 20% of the population is, at the very least, attracted to their own gender. But’s throw that one out as an outlier. If we average  the 2% and 9% we get approximately 4.5% of the population being gay and, since there have been over 260 popes we get close to 12 popes being gay. I rounded down to give you a fighting chance.”

Ted leaned back, smiling at the group spread out before him. These were his best students, the cream of the crop, those students who were most likely to think out of the box. Each one of these students was capable of changing the course of a business or a nation. Now it was time to weed out the one that was blackmailing some of the other students. The game was on.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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