Prompt for March 20, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

With a final shudder the engines cut off. His ship, the aptly named Enterprise, was dead in space behind him and the escape pod he was in was coasting towards an object he could only see because it blocked out the stars that it occluded. All of the oxygen that he had was in this tiny craft. If the object in front of him was not a spaceship he was dead. Hell, even if the object was a spaceship the odds are he was dead anyway as he had no way to determine if there was an atmosphere he could breath waiting for him.

He had spent almost half of his remainging fuel on accelerating towards the object, keeping enough for him to decelerate when he got close enough. He wanted to save his ass, not spread it all over the hull of an alien spacecraft. But it was going to be close. Based on his current oxygen consumption and the amount of time to get to the craft he would have, at most, thirty minutes before he suffocated. But in those thirty minutes, he would get to see what no man had seen before. He was going to be famous. Only if he could find a way to communicate to Earth.

He kept his breathing shallow and watched the timer count down to the burn that would slow him down enough to crash safely. He almost laughed at the oxymoron “crash safely” but cut it off. The burn commenced and less than a minute later it was over.

One metre per second.

That was his relative speed. He opened the escape pod, wanting to view the craft through his eyes, not the cold, uncaring lens of a camera. As the hatch swung open the first thing he noticed was the blackness of space as the craft not only blocked out half of the stars but seemed to reflect no light at all. The blackness was absolute. He would have thought himself blind if not for the readouts on the inner surface of his helmet.

As he stared at the wall of darkness he saw a pinprick of light appear directly in front of him. It soon became larger, much larger, until it became so bright the helmet started to darken to protect his eyes. The shaft of light was quickly larger than his craft. Was this what it meant to be saved?

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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