Prompt for March 21, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

Detective Marcus Valentine gingerly stepped over the debris that was scattered throughout the alley and walked up next to his partner William Wong. It was obviously a crime scene as the police tape and twenty people with gloves wandering around. It was a cluster and it was his job to figure out what was going on.

“OK, Willy, what’ve you got?”

“Our deceased is a thirty-eight-year-old investment banker with Hornsmiths International two blocks away. His car is still in the parking garage one block away so it looks like he was probably chased away from his car in this direction. Cause of death?” He looked at Marcus with a straight expression on his face. “Death by impalement. Looks like someone threw a four-inch diameter pole into his midsection and it came stuck in the fence as it left him. Constable Ferris heard some noise in the alley as he was walking by, came in to investigate and found the corpse stuck exactly where you see him.”

Marcus moved a little closer to take a look at the pole that was piercing his victim. It appeared to him to be … melting away and casting off waves of cold. As he got closer to the murder weapon a hand reached out, grabbed him by the collar and pulled him backwards. As he recovered his balance he looked down into the face of the petite, but apparently quite strong coroner assigned to his precinct.

“Doctor Bennet.”

“Detective Valentine. I wouldn’t touch that weapon if I were you.”

“I know how to handle myself a crime scene, Doctor, I wouldn’t contaminate the evidence.”

“You don’t understand, Detective, you shouldn’t touch that weapon even if this wasn’t a crime scene. The pole that pierced our deceased friend is actually a four-inch think piece of frozen carbon dioxide or dry ice if you prefer.”

“He was killed by a chunk of dry ice?”

“Yes,” the doctor said as she bent down to examine the murder weapon, “but what is more fascinating is that it is not dissipating. It should have changed to its gaseous state by now, particularly where it intersects with the victims body, but something it keeping it solid. Something is wrong, Detective, very, very wrong.”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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