Prompt for March 27, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

She reached down into the crevice but her arm wasn’t long enough. Her long fingers were inches from his but she couldn’t get any closer. She was already straddling the crevice with more than half her body below the lip, but it wasn’t enough.

“Silvia,” said the man stuck. “You need to go get help. The earthquake probably knocked down the cell towers which is why you can’t get anyone, so I need you to head up to the road and find someone with a rope or something that I can grab on to. The ground is still unstable and I can feel the earth moving so you have to be quick about this, okay?”

She looked at Thomas, her eyes, dry to this point, were quickly overflowing with tears and she desperately tried once more to reach him before she stopped. He was right. He was always right, damn it. She couldn’t do this by herself, she needed help.

“I’m just going to be gone for a minute, okay bro? I’ll find somebody and I’ll be back as soon as I can, but you have to promise me that you’ll wait here for me. I won’t go if you don’t promise. You always keep your promises.” She sounded desperate. She was desperate. The earthquake had been violent and their hike had been cut short when the ground had literally given way beneath them. He had fallen farther into the crevice than she had and had become stuck.

“Silvia, I promise, I’m not going anywhere.” He smiled at her, trying his best to exude the confidence that he was known for, but the lack of sensation in his feet and the slowly increasing pressure on his chest made that difficult.

Sylvia scrambled out of the crevice. “I’ll be right back, Thomas, I’ll be right back.”
She started to head in the direction of the road that she knew the rangers kept in order to reach the more remote areas of the hiking trail. As she clambered over the edge of the road and started to run in the direction of the rangers cabin the road starting moving beneath her feet once more.


Post a link to the story in the comments.


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