Prompt for March 26, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

His breath tickled the hair on her neck and his whiskers gently rubbed her cheek as he explored her neck. He took a deep breath. Apples and cinnamon.

“You smell nice,” he said, “and you look fabulous.” He backed up a half step and looked her up and down. The white silk blouse was in stark contrast to the deep purple pants that she wore but it helped to highlight her dark auburn hair. Long, curly and flowing over her shoulders, it framed her face and highlighted her cheekbones which, in turn, highlighted her hazel eyes. Those eyes, though, they should have been happy eyes, but she was on the verge of tears. Well, he knew what to do about that.

“I can make you happy,” he murmured to her, as his held her breast through the silk blouse, his thumb rubbing circles around her nipple.

“Stop that you bastard,” a voice said from the side. He ignored the voice and continued caressing her breast through the silk. She was getting excited, he could tell. He moved in closer, his hand still busy with her nipple as he nipped at ear lobe.

“I said stop that you bastard,” the voice repeated. He backed up and looked to his right.

“And I’ve told you twice to shut up. You know what? I don’t need you, I have enough hostages. A dozen is more than enough.”

Before the echo of the gunshot faded away in the marble foyer of the bank the sound of sobbing could be heard taking its place.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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