Prompt for March 29, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

The wind was cold but Harrison didn’t feel the bite of the wind. He didn’t feel much of anything, too stunned by the recent events to really understand what had happened within the past week. He had been at medical school when he got the call from his brother. Their parents had passed away in a car accident and he needed to come home.


It had been his home once, a long time ago, back when the world seemed simpler and more black and white. Simpler until he had discovered that his parents, in an effort to prove that he was straight, had hired a girl to be his girlfriend. For three months they had gone out and he worked up his nerve to make love to her. It had been an occasion that he would not forget, for a number of reasons: beauty and betrayal.

When he had made love to AnneMarie it had been the single most beautiful event in his life. The idea of sharing everything with this woman, both physically and emotionally, had produced an experience like nothing he had ever felt. And then the betrayal as she told him how they had originally gotten together and how his parents were paying her to take his virginity.

She told him that she wasn’t going to take their money anymore and that she really did love him, but the fact that she had taken any money in the first place had shattered him. Shattered him and left his life in pieces. Before his parents woke up the next morning he had packed a bag and hopped on a plane to New York. He didn’t tell anyone where he had gone and for months he stayed completely off the grid so that even the private investigators that they hired couldn’t find him.

Eventually, he straightened out, applied to Cornell University and was accepted for the fall term. It had been three weeks in when he got the call to come home. He hadn’t talked to or seen his parents since the incident and he felt … incomplete. He needed closure. He needed to talk to them to find out why they did it. He needed …
A hand reached out and touched his shoulder. He turned to see who it was.


Post a link to the story in the comments.


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