Prompt for March 28, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

The wine was a rich burgundy in colour and the aroma, the aroma had an oaken undertone with a rich fruity overlay. As he gently swirled it around his glass he glanced around the restaurant, gratified by the full house. They had come to see his last performance as a musician, his last farewell. When he left the piano at the end of the night he was going into retirement. A retirement he didn’t want, but a retirement that he needed to take. He stopped swirling the wine and took one last mouthful before putting the glass down on the polished surface of the bar.

“Take good care of the place, Ricky,” he said to the bartender who was hovering nearby. “I spent a lot of time here and I’d hate to see something so beautiful get run down.”

“I’ll do my best, Dad,” the bartender replied as he took the glass away.

Feeling a little self-conscious with the wine he smoothed down the suit jacket, checking for any lint or hair left behind, but he knew he was immaculate. Ginny wouldn’t let him go out on stage if he was anything less than perfect. With a slow, fluid motion he perfected from thirty years of walking on stage he went to the grand piano that sat alone in the middle of the spotlight and sat down.

The audience grew quiet but the feeling of anticipation, of wanting to see one last performance and pained that it was truly, one last performance, filled the air and made him quiver with excitement.

“It’s not often,” he said into the microphone, “that a musician gets to end his career when he as it his peak. I have that honour tonight. Granted, it’s not something that I would have chosen, but when you have less than a month to live other things take priority.”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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