Prompt for April 8, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

He saw her as she entered the gathering room at the funeral home, her luminescent wavy golden hair bouncing as she walked through the door. Elizabeth Manning, his childhood sweetheart and, at one time, fiance before they broke up. As if being at the funeral of his old English teacher, Mrs. Golden, wasn’t painful enough , his heart clenched a little bit tighter when he saw the pain written in her eyes. Elizabeth was going from person to person, commiserating with them on their joint loss and making everyone feel a little bit better.

And then she looked right at him.

Her eyes went cold and her back went straight. Her expression turned from grieving ex-student to murderous Fury within moments and hate flowed from her in rivers. She nodded towards one of the side doors, broke his gaze and marched towards the door as if on a quest from God. He swallowed as bile rose in his throat. He knew he would have to face her and tell her what happened, but he thought that … well, he wasn’t sure what he had thought now that the time had come.

He shrugged to himself and went through the same door that Elizabeth had opened. He saw her, not ten feet away, as she faced away from the door. Tall, slender, but not thin, it was obvious that Elizabeth still ran every day as her legs, those toned, well-shaped legs that he had adored, were well visible below the hem of her dress. He took the few steps towards her and started the speech that he had prepared over the years.

“Elizabeth, I’d like to …” The slap across his face cut him off as his head snapped sideways. He grabbed his jaw, already throbbing with pain and looked at Elizabeth standing in front of him. Even as the pain in his face started to really register in his mind he knew that it would never equal the pain that he saw in here eyes five years ago and the pain that was in her eyes now.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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