Prompt for April 9, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

Aaron opened the door to the house and walked in, looking at the house anew. The wake for his sister was held in the same house that she and Justine had shared for the past fifteen years, ten of them with their daughter Chloe. Before that it had been the family home, but when their parents had died Aaron couldn’t bear to live in the house any longer so he gave his half of the house to Rebecca and Justine as a wedding present. He had been back regularly, every week in fact, as he and his sister were the best of friends. But now, now she was gone, struck down like their parents by a drunk driver.

He wondered how Chloe and Justine were taking it. He knew that for himself that the suddenness of her death was both a blessing and a curse. He was happy that she hadn’t suffered, but he wasn’t sure that he had told her often enough that he loved her, as a sister and as a friend. He looked around the family room and saw Chloe and Justine greeting neighbors and friends who were dropping by, words of comfort being spoken be everyone.

When Justine saw him she immediately nodded towards the study doors and then bent down to whisper in Chloe’s ear. Chloe looked at Aaron and give him a was smile and a brief wave before talking to the next person in line. Justine headed towards the study, a determined attitude in her step and he followed, confused but more than willing to give Justine the space to act weird.

As he entered the room he saw her looking at the back window at the apple tree that the three of them had planted when Rebecca found out that she was pregnant. Rebecca wanted to be able to show her baby that life begets life and that this tree was going to represent the reason for living. He closed the door gently behind him and went to give Justine a hug, but she quickly moved behind the desk in order to give the two of them some separation.

“What’s wrong?”

She opened her mouth but no words came out. Tears started flowing again and Aaron started to move around the side of the desk when Justine held out her hand, urging him to stop. He did, but his strongest instinct was to comfort her and it was tearing him apart that she didn’t want him touching her.

“Rebecca wrote me a note and gave it to our lawyer to give to me in the event of her …” She stopped but continued on. “He gave it to me this morning. It contains information that I didn’t know until just today and it scares me that she kept this from me. You see, Aaron, when we were trying to conceive we discovered that Rebecca had no viable eggs to harvest so we made a pact that I would supply the eggs and that she would give birth. But we needed a sperm donor so she arranged that part on her own.”

Justine took a deep breath and looked Aaron in the eyes. “And here is where it turns weird. Apparently she had a specific donor in mind and managed to get his sperm. Donor XH-87638.”

Aaron turned white as a ghost and collapsed into the chair behind him. He just looked at her, his eyes wide, shaking his head back and forth.

Justine merely nodded.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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