Prompt for April 10, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

They numbered twelve in total.

Like angels from the apocalypse they descended from on high and laid waste to mankind. Cities fell in minutes, countries within hours. By the end of the first two days of the occupation, 95% of mankind was killed or enslaved, it mattered not to the occupiers. Humanity was swiftly becoming the new passenger pigeon, once plentiful in number but quickly decimated. Our spirit was broken, our will to live damaged.

In the end, we survived but not through any actions of our own. No surprise weapons, no viral rescuers, no intergalactic police. Hubris was our saviour for the twelve were convinced of their superiority and their own invulnerability that they never saw it coming: one of their own turned against them. She (that’s how it described itself) felt that humanity deserved an opportunity to demonstrate how they could adapt, how they could change to be more than they were, how they could become “better”.

And we did.

Under her tutelage we became a stronger race, a fiercer race and a more intelligent race. With the technology of our commander-in-chief we adapted all of mankind to become warriors. We didn’t have far to go as mankind already had most of the traits, we just lacked the organization, will and technology necessary to fight back on a galactic scale. Within a generation we were ready. Within a generation, we were no longer the student, but the master, and with the coordinates of all the conquered stars in the galaxy we were ready to emancipate the galaxy.

But before we could embark on our quest to free the galaxy we discovered the real reason for Her rebellion. The real reason why she freed us.

And we were scared.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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