Prompt for April 11, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

The television shows have it all wrong.

When you get rescued from your captors you aren’t in some quaint little cell, chained to a wall, with few indignities exposed. No, when your captors are having fun and don’t really need you, they have innovative ways of testing out new ways to interrogate prisoners.

I had been captured as part of a raid on a rival cocaine gang. I hadn’t been working for the competition, I had been travelling through their land on way to a small village in the heart of Columbia. Doctors Without Borders had sent me their to assist in the treatment of a number of disease outbreaks all of which were localized to this one village. Prepared with a truck load of antibiotics and other medicine, enough equipment for two small surgeries, and gear for a small team working at a biosecurity level 4 site, I was leading a small convoy to the village to stem the tide of infection.

But I was on the land when the raid occurred. I was were they weren’t expecting me and I was therefore, a target. I succumbed to the torture quickly, never having experienced such pain before in my life. The rest of the convoy had been quickly tortured and killed once the truth was learned, but I was kept alive. I was a woman and they were having too much fun coming up with new ways of torturing me to have me die quickly. So they kept me alive.

It seemed like years, but I knew it had only been days before the U.S. Marines came storming in to rescue me. The GPS tracker had escaped the gang’s detection but had given their position away. I had been rescued, or at least, my physical body had been rescued. But my mind, my soul, they were still being tortured, only this time by myself. Nightmares filled my mind during the night and paranoia during the day. Everyone was out to get me. Everyone wanted me to feel pain.

Until I met Constance. Connie. She filled my heart with light and gave me a purpose to live. She brought me back from the darkness and showed me the true meaning of the phrase “Physician, heal thyself”. What the gang had broken Connie had mended. What the gang had shown me Connie helped me understand and put behind me. Without her I would still be in the prison of my own mind. I owed my life to Connie but how do you show your gratitude to someone that only exists in your own mind.

Connie convinced them that I was well, that I could be released back into society, that I could live with people again. Connie convinced them. But Connie told me the truth, that to be free, to be truly free, I needed to fight back against the drug dealers and suppliers. To hurt the gang I needed to stop the demand. To make them feel pain I needed to destroy the tentacles of the cocaine octopus.

So I did.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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