Prompt for April 14, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

Darius read the blog post that he had written almost five years ago to the day:

A song is composed of two integral parts: the music itself and the emotions that it evokes. If there is no emotion in the music than the song is lifeless and if the music is wrong for the emotion the song is discordant. The blending of the two – the right music and the right emotion – generates a song that resonates with the listener.

Five years since he had started his climb to the top of the music charts. He had been a struggling musician at the time, his audience the passerby on the street, but his enthusiasm for his craft, his raw determination, could not be hidden. Day by day his audience grew, with more people truly listening to the music, feeling the emotion. When he played people were more likely to stop and listen than walk on by.

Niles Joran was one of those who stopped. Niles, one of the premier producers in the world stopped, listened and dropped his card in his hat. What had started out as a collaboration between two people soon turned into much more. Success came slowly to Darius for he wanted to make sure that his success was based on who he was as a person and as a musician so the two of them hid the fact that Niles was producing the albums. They hid the fact that Niles was more than just a producer, more than just a friend.

They were returning from celebrating their engagement when Niles lost control on the ice and the SUV hit the side of the bridge. Darius still remembered the sound of screaming metal and the strobe effect the street lights had as the car spun in vicious circles. He glanced over in fear to Niles but the drivers seat was empty. The door had been ripped off and Darius had gone with it. And so had his life.

He turned off the tablet and dropped it on the table. He was supposed to go to the Grammy’s tonight but the wound was too painful, the emotions too raw. He leaned back in the chair, closed his eyes and listened to the noise outside the hotel window. Cars. People talking. Planes. But before the noise could lull him to sleep he heard it. Faintly at first, but growing louder as if coming closer, the sound of his loss perfectly encapsulated in a haunting melody. Niles?

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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