Prompt for May 12, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

“Now that is what I am talking about,” I said to Vanessa as we wandered around the Spring Carnival. I pointed at the booth in front of us and a slow smile started spreading across my face.

Jessica Torrence was the head cheerleader – of course – and had set up a kissing booth. Normally there would be a big line, but there was a trick to this booth keeping the line almost non-existent. A five-second kiss was five dollars but every two seconds after that was another five dollars. You were not allowed to use your hands and all you had to do to stop paying was step back after five seconds. So far the smallest amount she had raised was thirty dollars from a fifteen-second kiss.

Vanessa looked at me with a quizzical expression on her face. “But Beth, that would mean that you would need to …” And just like that, the light went on and her expression went from confused to scandalous. “You wouldn’t dare. I mean, Beth, really? It’s Jessica and you two hate each other and have ever since the party at the lake two years ago.”

“I know,” I said as I smirked at her. I straightened out my blouse and skirt and walked towards the booth, giving my ass a little extra wiggle as I stared straight at Jessica. She saw me walking towards her and I saw her checking out the merchandise. I must admit, even though this was a cheesy carnival I never did anything half way. The blouse was blue silk and courtesy of my father who thought that sending gifts from his trips was more important than being home. The skirt, a short line skirt that ended just above my knees, showed off my toned runners legs and my shoes? Four-inch platforms that made me the same height as Jessica.

I moseyed on up to the counter and looked Jessica in the eye. She did not understand what I was doing until I pulled five dollars from my clutch and laid it in on the counter and then her eyes went wide and she shook her head back and forth. By this time the surrounding crowd had grown and everyone clapped and cheered urging Jessica to take my money and prove that the cheerleader was better than the computer geek.

“Beth,” she whispered, keeping it low enough so that just the two of us could hear, “what the hell are you doing?”

I brought up a hand and stroked her jawline with the nail of my index finger. I could see the slight shaking in her jaw and I felt the quick intake of breath. She kept staring at me, but the confusion that had been there at the beginning was fading away. “Just proving a point,” I whispered back.

I moved in for the kiss and I could hear the crowd start counting. Jessica’s lips were closed, but I nibbled at them with my teeth and with a small sigh, caught by my exploring mouth, her lips parted just enough for me to gain entrance. I explored the inside of her mouth and as I did I could feel the heat scorching my tongue. Not content to be passive Jessica tried to slip her tongue in my mouth, but I held her back. I was in charge and I wanted her to know that. A quick exploration, another nibble at her lips and then I stepped back.


Jessica was frozen in time, her lips pursed, trying to find the warmth and comfort of mine. She swayed, then caught herself on the table. She opened her eyes, and the crystal blue eyes that had looked at me, not ten seconds before, filled with confusion, were now filled with a lust that set my core on fire. Oh, Lord, what have I done?

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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