Prompt for May 25, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

I bolt upright screaming. The pain in my head. An axe splitting my head in two. I would welcome the relief of death. Blinded by the pain I stagger to my feet, lurching against the table and falling to the ground. White light fills my vision, my limbs shaky. I collapse to the ground curling up in a tight ball of fear and agony.

I scream but my throat is raw and I can only hear a whisper escape. Escape. I have to escape the pain. I crawl forward, trying to find something to end my suffering. My dinner knife! It’s dull but I am willing to suffer that pain as it is only an echo of what I am feeling now. My limbs are shaking, barely able to inch me forward. I feel my way towards the table that I hit earlier, unable to see. My vision, filled with light, more colours than I can imagine. Sounds penetrate my brain amidst the blinding pain, sounds I could never have imagined. Sounds I cannot bear to hear.

The agony in my brain makes me want to stop and hold my head, but I know that won’t stop the searing pain. Inch by inch I move forward until my hand encounters the knife. It takes me a couple of tries before I can grasp it in fingers that don’t want to grip anything except my skull. I bring up the knife, ready to slice into my wrist and bleed out into the silence.


The voice, no, it wasn’t a voice, it was in my head. Someone, something, was speaking in my head. I was mad, well and truly mad. I moved the knife towards my wrist, or I tried to. It felt as if someone was fighting me for control of my own body. I tried to move the knife but my hand wouldn’t obey as my fingers, one by one, opened up and the knife dropped. Another barrage of torrential pain hammered me as I fell forward.

“No,” said the voice, murmuring into my brain. “I am sorry, but I need to do this for me. For us, all of us.” I blacked out as a vision of a sun behind an elongated head smashed into me.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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