Prompt for May 29, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

The laughter from the room at the top of the stairs caused Ellie to stop and listen. The voices, full of life, full of joy, were laughing at a movie that they were watching on the big screen television in the media room. The TV was loud, drowning out the sounds of most everything except for the laughter.

Tears came unbidden to her eyes as she remembered the last time she had laughed with someone. It had been the day after her birthday and Jessie had woken up late for work having fallen to sleep at three or four AM. He stared at him through half closed eyes as he scrambled getting his clothes on and he then gave her a quick kiss and ran out of the bedroom. He could hear him stumble down the hallway, hitting the walls as he tried putting his shirt on. His boss, his Dad actually, hated tardiness and he son did not get special treatment. Indeed, he probably picked on Jessie more than the other employees of the accounting firm just so that he could demonstrate that he didn’t play favourites. Today would not be an exception and there was no way he was going to tell his Dad that he had spent the night at his girlfriends place. That was not going to happen.

He came back into the bedroom within a minute, however, and never said a thing. He just looked at her and dropped his pants. It was then that she saw that he had put on her panties instead of his manly bikinis. She laughed so hard that she fell out of bed. Jessie just grinned, took hers off and put his on and then gave her one final kiss goodbye. And it was a final kiss as the car accident that killed him took place not two blocks from her apartment. If he hadn’t been in a rush to get to work, if his Dad hadn’t been such a stickler for punctuality he wouldn’t have tried to run the yellow. She justified what she was about to do on that premise.

The laughter was still occurring upstairs, masking the sound of her splashing gasoline around her dead boyfriends family home. It masked the sound of her tears as they fell on the hardwood floor. It masked the sound of her striking a match and tossing it into the gasoline. The sound of the gasoline igniting drowned out the laughter from upstairs, the laughter that she should be having with Jessie. She left the house by the back door, not looking back as the smoke alarms went off and the laughter turned to screams.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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