Prompt for May 31, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

It had been a lovely summer day, with the temperature warm enough but not too hot. The sky was a cloudless azure blue, stretching from horizon to horizon, and the trees that reached up into sky were a deep forest green and they moved gently in the breeze. Birds were grounded, resting in the shade and waiting for the sun to start setting so that their prey, flying insects, would come out and feed in that perfect time before sunset.

I never intended to get into that car accident – I guess that’s why they call it an “accident” – but I didn’t have much choice. The street was deserted with both pedestrians and cars seemingly taking a break from the world and sequestering themselves somewhere quiet and cool. The car in my rear view mirror was approaching quickly, more quickly than I thought was necessary so I signaled and moved into the right lane. The car followed and almost seemed to speed up. I signaled left and moved into the left lane and the car followed suit. Part of me was perturbed by the fact that they didn’t signal (a pet peeve of mine) but I was more concerned about the fact that he was driving way too fast and seemed to be focused on my car.

Another lane change. Once again he moved.

The light in front of me changed to yellow but instead of slowing down and stopping as would be my usual approach, I stepped on the gas to clear the intersection before it turned red. I made it, but moments later I heard the honking of horns as the car behind me went through the red and narrowly missed the traffic crossing on the green.

The car was close enough now that I could see the driver. He was dressed in black, an odd choice for such a warm day, with sunglasses and what appeared to be leather driving gloves. He was nondescript, except for his smile. No, more than a smile, almost a leer, an attempt to peer into my soul with nothing more than his smile.

As the next corner approached I got ready for a high-speed turn. I’d seen it done on TV and prayed that I remembered how they had done it. I was in the left lane and as I approached the corner I started the turn, not really slowing down, but hoping that the wide corner and some judicious braking would work. I was thinking that it was going to be successful when the car chasing me clipped me on my rear bumper and sent me spinning around the corner into a tree.

And that is how I died.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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