Prompt for June 1, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

The silence pressed down on him like a palpable weight, squeezing his eardrums almost to the point of pain. He cleared his throat, just to make some noise, and to release the pressure that had been building up in his head. He looked around the room once more, as if seeing it for the hundredth time was going to bring out any further details. Grey walls met a grey floor and a grey ceiling. The light was diffuse and seemed to come the grey of his cell as he could see no light source and there appeared to be nothing in the way of shadows, the space under the bed was as well lit as the space above.

But it was the silence that unnerved him the most. The oppressive silence that felt like a physical presence assaulting him, fighting him for his sanity. He fought back, as well as he could, but he feared that he was losing the battle, losing his hold on what sanity he thought he had left. He remembered having dual ear aches when he was a child and how the inflammation in his ears had reduced his hearing capacity to just a fraction of what he was used to. The world had seemed like a different place, a place filled with dangers around every corner, where sound was the enemy and not the friend. But now? He wasn’t sure. While the silence was almost painful, the noises seemed as if they didn’t belong in this world.
He wasn’t sure that he belonged in this world, this grey box, because nothing seemed real. He had no idea how long he had been here, but he hadn’t become thirsty, or hunger, or had to use the washroom. Nothing seemed right, almost as if everything was a caricature of itself. He sat back down on the bed, the soft rustling of the fabric being the only sound he heard and closed his eyes, blocking out the monotony of the room.

He knew something had changed, even though he hadn’t heard it. The air seemed “freer” and he almost felt a breeze. Slowly he opened his eyes, both excited to see something different and scared of seeing something different. A door on one of the walls had opened up, silently, allowing for a portal to the hallway beyond. The opening did not hold his attention as much as the figure standing in the doorway, the figure lit up by the all invasive and all pervasive grey light. Both beautiful and ugly he wasn’t sure whether the screaming was in his head or whether that high pitch sound was coming from him.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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