Prompt for June 2, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

The dream was the same dream he had had every night for the past three weeks. He was walking the through the woods when he hears a sound from behind him. He looks and sees a pair of red eyes in the darkness. Without thinking he starts to run, run as fast as he can. Over fallen logs, through waist high brush, across swollen streams. He runs.

But he can here something chasing him, getting closer, getting noisier. He puts on a last minute burst of speed as he approaches the road that lies just at the top of the ridge in front of him. He scales the slope as if it were shallow ground and is almost near the top when he feels something go through his leg. Like a series of knives cutting through his thigh, they leave a burning trail of torn flesh and ruby red blood spills from the cuts. He falls to the ground, his leg unable to support him, and he rolls over to face his attacker.

And he sees his own face, a twisted parody of his face, but he knows that it’s him.
Tim wakes up at that point, the sweat pouring off his body as if he had run the same path as he had in his dream. Groaning he sits up and carefully eases his legs to the floor. With a weary sigh he maneuvers himself into the wheelchair by his bed side knowing that he’s lost the urge to sleep, and heads to the living room.

Netflix. Good old Netflix.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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