Prompt for June 5, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

The photo album lay on her lap, the rings holding the pages allowed it to lie flat while she turned the pages. The pages themselves, slightly yellowed with age, held a variety of pictures that had been artfully placed on each page and then held in place by the self-adhesive plastic. One, two, three, sometimes four photos per page, all bearing some relationship to each other.

She recognized herself in some of the pictures, standing with her parents or friends of the family. At least, she thought they were friends of the family, but based upon what she had just learned … She shook her head, banishing the thought to a corner of her brain as she concentrated on the album in front of her. She would turn a page and memories would come flooding back. Good times, sad times, happy times. They filled her mind with a desire to connect, a desire to relive the events all over again, to be part of a family once more.

Until, finally, the last page had been turned and the last picture revealed. It was her, not more than two months ago as she had graduated from MIT. Her parents were by her side, arms reaching around her, faces beaming with joy and she could almost feel the smile that was stretched on her face.

The smile wasn’t on her face, however, and her parents, well her parents wouldn’t be hugging her again any time soon. That picture was her last memory before the explosion. Her last memory before the attack that killed her parents and hundreds, no, thousands of others. Now she felt the tears as they fell from her face and splashed against the blanket they had placed across her legs to keep them warm in the air conditioned hospital. She closed the album with such a force that, for a moment, she thought she could actually feel it in her legs. Her useless legs. She starting wheeling herself down the wide hallway to her room, barely able to see through the curtain of tears.

“What they told me was a lie, Mom and Dad, a lie. That was no terrorist attack and I’m going to find the truth.”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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