Prompt for June 17, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

I am Death.

Cursed by the Elders at the Midwinter Festival I bring death to those I touch until the moon rises high and shines on the Altar of Passion. Only then will the curse be lifted. Only then will I live. But, between now and then, those that I touch with my hands or kiss with my lips will die.

I am sought by those who wish to die, who wish to end their life amongst the sorrow and pain of their existence. I am feared by those who want to live, have someone to live for, those who have a place in society.

I didn’t know that I was cursed until I bent down to help a little girl up who had fallen at my feet. As I lifted she went into convulsions and collapsed in my arms. Her parents horrified at what happened, reached out to take her from my arms and touched me, only to fall at my feet. Dead.

So here I sit at the foot of the Altar, knowing that I will be forever called the Maiden of Death at a festival that we are forced to attend every five years. I sit here, with the pile of bodies at my feet getting larger as those who wish to die beg for the hand of Death.

I sit here, a little part of me dying every time someone touches me, takes my hand, holds me. I will never be able to live with myself. I will never be able to love, knowing that my touch has killed so many. I sit here, tears staining my face, as the hole in my heart grows.

I will have my revenge. I will find the Elders. I will kill the Elders. I will make them suffer for what they have made me suffer.

Tonight I am Death. Tomorrow I am Justice.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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