Prompt for June 20, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

She didn’t like rain, not at all. And heavy rain? The worst.

Normally heavy rain paralyzed her, made her remember when she was seven years old, coming back from some Disney movie with her parents. The storm had come in quick and hard, the rain almost painful to run through, but they laughed when they ran to the car. Laughed at getting rained on, laughed at parking so far from the theatre entrance, laughed at no one bringing a coat.

The rain was warm that night, a lingering remnant of a hot summer day, and even though it came down hard it wasn’t necessarily unwelcome. It would cool things down, hopefully enough so that they could sleep. This type of weather was still infrequent enough that her parents didn’t have air conditioning, so in order to be able to sleep at night they left the windows open.

Her father was driving slowly, the wipers moving as fast as they could, but still not fast enough, so her father was taking it easy, as were most other drivers. The light was green when they started through the intersection but they never made it through. From the left a car came roaring through the red light, going much too fast. It careened off one car and hit theirs. Her car was literally ripped in two with her safe in the back and her parents…

She hated the rain, but tonight she had no choice. She was on-call for a friend whose mother was in the hospital and an emergency had come in that needed her skill as a surgeon. She was heading to the hospital, as fast as she could, but still slow enough to be safe. She was two blocks from the hospital when she saw her childhood repeat itself in front of her. A car travelling slowly along the road was t-boned by another car driving way too fast. For a moment, the world stopped and she saw her parents in the car and her breath caught in her throat. Not again, she thought, as time started marching forward.

Even as the sound of the cars crashing together and sliding along the street reached her ears she was already angling towards the smashed remains of the cars.  She jumped out of her car, grabbed her medical bag and started rushing towards the cars. The driver of the speeding car was obviously dead as he had been thrown through the windshield, his body twisted and torn. The driver of the other car, however, was still alive, but badly injured. She started work on trying to save his life as the sirens of the police cars approached.

“Not again,” she muttered, “you’re not dying on me again.”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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