Prompt for June 24, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

He hated these events, these charity events. Oh, he had no problem with the donation, he enjoyed helping people, but he had no stomach for the events associated with the donation process. Just give the money and be done with it was his philosophy. But, as Liz, his media relations consultant always told him, the more he kept his face out there the more likely he was to be able to help people. So, in an effort to persuade people to donate he attended these functions.

This current event was for a favorite cause of his: juvenile diabetes. While he never had diabetes his two brothers did and he swore that if he ever had the opportunity to help prevent other kids having to live through what his brothers did he would do whatever he could. So that was why he was here, tonight, shaking hands with other donors, trying to get a few more coins out of their tight wallets.

“One more couple,” said Liz, taking him by the elbow and guiding him through the crowd. He was going to have to give her a raise after this, she was good at her job, very good. He smiled as he passed people, giving the occasional wave or nod. Make people feel recognized and it goes a long way towards loosening the purse strings.

“Jason,” Liz said, drawing his attention back to the people in front of him, “I’d like to introduce the MacKenzie family. Bradley, Taylor and their daughter Jacey.”
He focused his attention on the couple before him and froze. It was her. After ten years he found the women who stole his heart after only one weekend, but left him. The look in her eyes showed that she also recognized him, but it was fear that he saw, not pleasure.

Liz continued, “They are actually celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary tonight, so congratulations.”

“Yes, congratulations,” Jason said, first to Taylor and then to her husband. Fifteen years, so that meant? He could understand why the fear was in her eyes.

“And this is Jacey, our nine-year-old daughter” said Taylor, holding on to the young lady at her side. The hold on her was light, loving, but the hand was shaking, betraying the emotions being held in check. “She’s actually a lucky recipient of some experimental procedures that your donations have helped to fund.”

Jason glanced down and, for the second time, froze. Jacey’s eyes were not the eyes of her mother. Nor were they the eyes of her father. No, he saw those eyes every time he looked into the mirror. Steel grey eyes that seemed to pierce the soul. They were his eyes.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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