Prompt for July 3, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

The street was deserted, the pools of light spaced every hundred feet illuminated carefully manicured lawns and the occasional car parked on the street.  The spaces between those pools light, while not dark, caused the hair on Cynthia’s arm to stand up. She knew she should have asked for a ride from one of her friends but the group at the bar weren’t planning on leaving soon and she needed to get up early in the morning. So she decided on walking the eight blocks to her condo.

The steady clip clop of her heels on the pavement kept her company on her walk home.  It took her a few minutes to recognize another sound, anot her pair of feet walking with her.  Faster than her.  She knew she should turn, she knew she should find out who was behind her, but she couldn’t.  Fear stopped her. Fear caused her throat to tighten. Fear caused her to breath as fast as her steps.

She started to walk faster, her shoes sounding like a machine gun in her haste, but the other feet kept pace. No, they started walking faster. Fear gripped her heart, the pain like a knife in her chest.  She started to run, her shoes, her Jimmy Choo shoes falling off as she scrambled away from the sound of those feet behind her.  She ran. She ran from fear.  She ran from her past. She ran from the unknown.

She pulled her keys from her clutch as she approached her building, still not looking behind her.  Her hands, shaking from fear, had problems inserting the key into the lock, but finally it opened. She slid through the opening and the turned around, slamming the door shut.  She had made it.  She was safe. As the hand clamped over her mouth she screamed, the sound muffled by the hand.

The scream reverberated in her bedroom as she woke from the dream, no, the memory.  The scratches on her arm, caused by her own fingers, were fresh and bleeding.  She screamed again.  Would the pain never end?

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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