Prompt for July 4, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

The detective left the crime scene and stood outside the house breathing in the cool fresh air. He wasn’t the only one affected by the scene inside as most of the first responders were breathing deep trying their best not to vomit. Some weren’t successful.  His hands shook as he wiped the cold sweat from his forward and he took another deep breath, trying to calm his nerves.

He had never seen an act of cruelty so complete, so all-encompassing in its actions. He was a father, as was the suspect, and he could never imagine inflicting the harm that he had just seen on another living soul, much less his own flesh and blood. What could convince a man to do this to anyone, much less his daughter? His introspection was cut short by the sound of screaming coming from the street. A young girl, not much older than the victim, had collapsed to her knees, the pain and anguish coming from her tortured throat ripped at his soul and before he knew it he was kneeling next to the girl, his arms around her, comforting her.

The world narrowed down until it was just him and the crying girl. The crime scene investigators, the EMTs, the other officers, all of the first responders, they all faded into the background while this girls tormented soul was exposed. He knelt there, holding her, while the world moved around them, giving them the privacy they needed. When the sobbing stopped she looked up at him, her red, swollen eyes looking at his for relief. “My sister?” she croaked.

He just closed his eyes and held her.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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