Prompt for July 7, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

Her lips were soft on mine, barely more than a feather touch, but the heat they generated stole my breath and made my heart stop. Her tongue reached out and traced my upper lip before they parted, giving her access. She entered my mouth, took control and I loved it. The soft, slow, sensual kiss was still there, but with an undercurrent of passion that swept me away.

I started getting dizzy before I realized that I needed to breath, I needed to breath in order to keep kissing her. So I did. I breathed as her tongue entered my mouth. I breathed as my tongue entered hers. I breathed as I bit her red swollen lip and felt her shudder in my arms. I breathed as she pushed into me, covering my body with hers, making me feel every bump, every graceful curve that comprised this kissing machine.

My arms reached out to her, circling her waist, holding her tight to me while we continued to explore each others mouth. I sucked on her tongue, feeling her tremble in response and she reciprocated in kind. She pulled back slightly, her short red hair still stylish amidst the heated passion. Her sapphire blue eyes stared at me, boring a path straight through to my soul. A knot started to form low down, a knot that twisted and turned and burned with a need to explode.

“Denise. Denise.” The voice was familiar and didn’t seem right coming from the goddess in front of me. I moved forward again, trapping those lips in a tender grip.

“Denise. Denise, damn it, wake up.” An arm shook me and my eyes flew open. I was lying in bed, the covers twisted around my writhing body. “Jesus, Denise,” said my brother, “Get your ass in gear we’re supposed to meet Mom and Dad at the lake in a couple of hours.” He stomped off, angry at me delaying him.
And there, in the doorway was the girl of dreams. My erotic dreams. My brothers girlfriend.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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