Prompt for July 23, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

She was dehydrated, she knew that, but there was nothing that she could do to assuage her thirst. The land around her was dry, barren scrub and the few puddles of water that were still on the property were brown, smelly, algae-filled pools that beckoned her with their moisture but tortured her with their filth.

It hadn’t always been like this. The land she was walking through used to be farmland, it used to be her family’s farm. They had grown corn for generations but recent droughts had made continuing the family tradition unlikely. After her parents died in a vicious car wreck that consumed their bodies she needed to make a decision on the farm’s future, her future. After many sleepless nights filled with soul leeching crying she had succumbed to the inevitable and sold the farm to a large conglomerate.

She remembered the day she had to go into the lawyer’s office to sign the final bill of sale. The day had dawned bright and sunny, the sky a glorious robin’s egg blue with not a cloud in the sky. Feeling that it was a positive omen she had gone to the lawyer’s office with a small skip in her step. Her life would change after today, she had known it. The actual signing had been anti-climactic, a small scribble and it was done, the farm was gone. Her childhood home, the family home, was now in the hands of someone else. Or it would be in thirty days. Thirty days to leave her life behind.

A flash of light from the window had captured her attention and the attention of the world. The solar flares had started that day, massive coronal discharges that flung radiation and solar winds at the earth like a petulant child. Stripping the world of the protections that it had built up over millions of years. Solar storms destroyed satellites in orbit, temperatures soared and weather patterns changed completely.

And here she was, on the family farm, or what was left, waiting for the end, waiting to shrivel up and die like the rest of the world. As she lay on top of her sweat soaked bed she didn’t hear the front door open. She didn’t hear the footsteps on the floor. But she did feel someone sit on the bed next to her. A hand reached behind her and lifted her head, putting something to her lips.


Cold water. She greedily sucked at the bottle, draining its contents before opening her eyes to look at the person on the bed.


Post a link to the story in the comments.


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