Prompt for July 24, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

They would be here in moments, but the deed had already been done. She slid down the wall, the gun falling from her limp hand before she came to a jarring halt against the carpeted floor. The gun bounced once, then again as it fell over, it’s barrel pointing at her as if accusing her of the heinous crime.

But it didn’t need to accuse, for she would admit her culpability. She had no choice, she had to shoot. She had to stop him from hurting someone else like he had hurt her these past five years. She had seen the look in his, that animal expression he got just before he hurt her, only this time that expression was targetted on Rayna, her sister. She couldn’t let him go through with it, she had to stop him.

She knew where the gun was kept – it was supposed to be for emergencies – and she retrieved it. Loaded she confronted him, tried to get him to stop, tried to get him to listen to reason, but the eyes gave him away. The feral eyes that saw her and saw through her. He tried to bat her away with the back of his hand, but she ducked. And fired, the sound quite explosive in the confined hallway.

The sound would be heard and the Secret Service would be here in seconds. It wasn’t often that the First Daughter shot the President and they would want answers, need answers.

She thought back to the five years of abuse she had taken with no one helping her, no one listening to her even though she had tried. She would want answers as well.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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