Prompt for July 28, 2016

​Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

Snoring, again.

He rolled over and put the pillow over his head.  No goid, he could still hear the grating sound in his ears. It sounded like someone taking a rubber mallet and dragging it down the exposed aggregate of their drivewsy.  Not really a single sound, but a continuous barrage of noise.

He nudged her, softly at first but then roughly as she didn’t respond to the lighter pushes with his fingers.  She stopoed, rolled over facing the wall and started that annoying sound once morw.  He groaned in frustration and threw himself back down on the pilllow, screaming silently into the night.

Friustrated he grabbed his memory foam pillow and retreated to the spare room.  He had been spending a lot of time here and, with the door closed, the snoring was nothing more than background nouse.  He peeled back the covers, crawled between the sheets and tossed the guest room pillow on the floor.  He replaced it with his pillow, his pride and joy, and lay his weary head down.  Within minutes the sandman had claimed another victim and he was fast asleep.

To say he was surprised to wake up with police aiming their guns at him would be an understatement.  To say he was struck dumb when they accused him of murdering his wife would be closer to the truth. Instead of fear, anger or denial floating through his mind, the only thing he could think of was:  did I do it?


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