Prompt for August 11, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

He was battered. He was bruised. He was going to be taking one hell of a long nap when he got back home, but he was done. People didn’t understand the complexity and hard work involved in setting up a statue, particularly one that was composed of a hundred moving parts. Each piece needed to be installed separately, but in such a way that they enhanced the overall impression.

He had been given the task of providing the statue for the new Bank of America building just a few short months ago and had been working almost continually since then. They had wanted something different, something that you didn’t ordinarily see in a building, particularly a bank. So, after almost a sleepless week he had been struck with the perfect idea and off he went, slavishly devoting himself to the realization of his idea.

The forge had been running since he started and the result? Well, the result surpassed even his expectations. It was so different from his previous work and yet the underlying theme fit in so well. And now, after installing it in the lobby of the new building? It was stunning. Everyone who had seen it agreed, but until the unveiling tomorrow, the rest of the world would have to wait while his statue waited under the drop cloth for the unveiling.

He wouldn’t be in attendance for the unveiling, he was going to watch it on television. He had already explained that he would not be able to be there due to his anthropophobia. He was extremely shy, shy to the point where he insisted that no one watch him while he assembled the statue. No one watched him while he adjusted the moving parts. No one watched him while he inserted the remote detonator in one of the hollow cylinders.

No, he wouldn’t be in attendance tomorrow. He wanted to live.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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