Prompt for August 15, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

She tore at the beef jerky, ripping into it like an animal with a play toy. It’s leathery hide giving her mouth something to do, but letting her brain go back to what had brought her here. Without meaning to her head swivelled back and forth, looking once more at the beach that surrounded her. No one to the left. No one to the right.

She would have looked behind her, but she knew what she would see. Robert. That asshole Robert. “Trust me,” he had said, “I know what I’m doing. I’ve done it dozens of times.” She snorted, stranding travellers in the middle of the Caribbean was not something that should be placed on a resume, whether you’ve managed to do it once or “dozens of times”. She had to admit, if there was a prize on how to becalm themselves in the Caribbean and then capsize the boat while trying to raise the mast, Robert would take first place. His screwup was perfect.

She stopped chewing when she realized that she had already swallowed the jerky but had forgotten to tell her mouth to stop chewing.

She lowered her head to her knees and sat in the sand, small sobs coming unbidden from deep within. She was going to die here, she knew it. Robert was inept at survival, as was she, and the only thing that they had managed to salvage was ten pounds of beef jerky that Robert had on board. His beef jerky fetish was going to keep them alive just long enough for her to kill him.

“Sam?” She didn’t move. Maybe if she didn’t move he would think that she left.

“Sammy?” OK, that wasn’t working. Maybe if she ignored him then he would think that she was sleeping.

“Samantha?” Oh, God, he was back to her full name. This was indeed serious. Even while the boat was sinking he had never gone farther than Sammy.

“Yes, Robert,” she said standing up and turning around. Her mouth, which had gotten used to being closed after she had reprimanded it about the jerky, fell open once more. “Is that what I think it is?”

“Well,” Robert said, a little peeved, “I have no idea what you are thinking it is, but if you did happen to think that this was a satellite phone attached to this dead body then you’d be right.”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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