Prompt for August 30, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

“How come you’re out here?”

Brad looked up to see his best friend Jase leaning against the wall by the open door to the school gym. Coming through the door was the noise of the band, Demon Hunters, playing cover tunes of almost anything down in the past twenty years. For a group with a demonic name they were really pretty mainstream. The light was partially obscured by the streamers that hung down in front of the door, hiding it from view in order to maintain the Beach Party theme. Nothing like a steel door to say, this fake scenery isn’t real. He sighed at the thoughts had taken.
“Nothing,” he said, “just looking at the scenery.

Jase laughed. “It’s dark out, dude, you’re not looking at the scenery. What’s got you so bummed tonight?”

He should have realized that Jase would push. Jase always pushed, he always made Brad do that extra step, go that extra mile, do that extra good deed that alwasys stretched where Brad thought he could stop. Where he thought he should stop. Jase was his own Jiminy Cricket. “It’s Stacey. You know that I was going to ask her to the dance, right?” Jase nodded, his attention fully on Brad. “Well, just before I was going to ask her out I was shown a video about her that persuaded me not to.”

“A video? What the hell was on the video?”

Brad looked back into the darkness, his eyes starting to glisten with unshed tears. “She went up to Mason and begged him to ask her out. She found out that I was going to ask her and she begged someone to ask her out first so that she would have a reason to say ‘no’ to me.” His voice cracked at the end. He hadn’t told anyone why he never asked Stacey out, he was too ashamed.

“Oh. Shit, dude, that sucks. That explains why you came stag.”

“Yeah, and it’s going to explain why I’m never going on a date for the rest of my life. I can’t take this Jase, every single girl for every single dance in my senior year has said no. I’m going to die a lonely person.”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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