Prompt for September 3, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

He waits for me in the darkness, his eyes the only thing that i can see. He waits for when I sleep and he visits me in my dreams. Sometimes it’s a child wandering by while other times it’s my lover, but every time, the eyes are the same. Pale grey eyes that appear to be lifeless.

I wonder if he’s the mirror into my soul, exposing how my life has become so hollow and that the life I lead is no more than a sham. But there is something deep within those eyes that shows me it’s not a reflection, but something worse. He’s not a man as we know men to be. He’s not a demon for the burning eyes of Hell are not flickering behind the facade. He’s a shadow. A shadow of someone or something else, that flickers as the owner passes in front of the light or through the darkness that dwells around us.

It’s not that I fear him, for fearing him would be fearing myself, but I am uncomfortable by the exposure he gives to my weaknesses. For I am him and he is me. We are one and the same. The owner of the shadow is me and as a result, the shadow is but a reflection of me as I pass through life. So, while I don’t fear myself, I fear what I am becoming. The light is only momentary while the darkness spreads. If this man in my dreams is a reflection of me and he is growing darker by the day does this mean that I grow darker as well?

In the latest dream, I had some cause for happiness, for when my reflection grew dark a light came above and fractured the darkness. The pale grey eyes brightened, turning blue and hopeful, but only for a moment, before turning cold again. I turned to the light, trying to see what had caused the colour to bleed into my eyes, but the glare forced me to close my eyes. When the glare faded I could open my eyes, but they only beheld the ceiling in my bedroom. So I lay there, eyes open, staring at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to take me once more if it could, when I heard a whisper come flowing over the sheets.

“Tomorrow,” it whispered, “tomorrow.”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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