Prompt for September 5, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

She bobbed her head up and down, gasping for breath when her head came up and then moving down once more. Over and over this happened, the time spent with her head down getting shorter and shorter. Then, finally, she sat up, her breath coming in gasps. David was livid.

“C’mon Katie you can’t stop now. We’re so close. Go down again, spread your mouth as wide as possible and when you get your lips around it, suck on it big time.”

“Shut up, David,” she gasped, “my mouth isn’t as big as yours and I just don’t have the suction power anymore.”

“Damn,” he said, standing up. “It’s just bobbing for apples, apples, damn it. Pick one out, go face first and trap that sucker at the bottom of the bucket and pull it out.”

“You grabbed all the small apples when you bobbed, David, the only thing left are the large apples and I just can’t bite into them they’re so big. And this suction thing you’re talking about? Yeah, this obstacle course race has lasted so long that I’ve got no lung power left.” She continued to sit on her bum in front of the apple bucket, her breaths coming in quick gasps.

David bent down beside her, his voice soft, but his tone urgent. “Look, Katie, you’ve got two of the three apples you need to get, so there’s only one more to go. The next couple is almost done, they’ve got two more.” He paused and then continued in a whisper. “And it’s your sister.”

The exhaustion that had flooded her system moments before was gone in a wave of heat. “Beth? There is no way I’m losing to that bitch.”

With that Katie took a few deep breaths, then dove into the apple bucket head first, her face searching for one of the remaining apples. She stopped moving and her head started to slowly rise out of the water. Within moments she sat upright, the apple, which looked huge in comparison to her tiny face, attached to her lips.

“Done,” said the adjudicator.

“Run,” said Katie as she tossed the apple aside, stood up and ran as fast as she could to the finish line. Her sister was not going to beat her at this, not like she did everything else in her life.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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