Prompt for September 9, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

The Hall of Heroes was deserted. Almost.

The bar had a single occupant, Lord Kenwick, and he was sitting at a large table with a bottle placed just out of reach so he would need to move to refill his goblet. It was his concession to merely drinking out of the bottle. It worked, most of the time, and he would leave the bar drunk, but not excessively so.

As he lowered his cup to the rough-hewn table top the door to the bar burst inwards and the loud clomping of someone in chain mail echoed through the empty chamber. He wasn’t concerned. Only Heroes could enter the hall and he had nothing to fear from a Hero.

“Is that you Fergus?”

“Aye, it is Kenwick.”

“Find any demons?”

“That I did,” said Fergus, as a long blade was tossed onto the wooden table top. The blade was charred and the edges were nicked and gouged, but most of it was covered up with the black demon blood that coated the blade. “A portal opened up while I was making a young lady’s acquaintance at a friend’s establishment. The screaming and cursing interrupted our session before it could start so I grabbed my sword and rushed to the parlour. It was big, Kenwick, really big. A Destroyer.”

Kenwick spat out the drink that he had in his mouth as he tried to put the goblet back on the table, but he missed the edge and it fell to the floor, splashing his tunic.

“A Destroyer? In this backwater hell ole? Now that he’s come through and weakened the barrier between worlds we can expect to see an increase in demons in this area. Shit.”

“It’s worse than that, Kenwick, much worse. He wasn’t the first through the portal. There’s a Destroyer loose in this city and we have no idea where to find it. It could kill thousands, tens of thousands, and we would never know.”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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