Prompt for September 12, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

He glanced at the clock: 23:55, June 5, 2035. Just over forty-eight hours to go. As he looked up into the sky he saw Satan’s Torch. At least, that was what the religious people were calling it.

Satan’s Torch, a collection of five asteroids that were on a collision course with Earth. Three months ago it had been a single asteroid and it was only coming close to Earth, just inside Luna orbit. But the governments of the Earth concerned that the asteroid was a little too big to let it come so close, decided to intercept the asteroid with a nuclear warhead and make a course correction.

It failed.

Instead of either disintegrating the asteroid or pushing it away from the earth the explosion split the asteroid into six pieces, one of which heading out into deep space, but the others were heading for the Earth. It had been ten weeks since the fiasco. Ten weeks in which the peoples of the Earth had to come to grips with their own demise for each one of the pieces had enough kinetic energy to create their own extinction level event. But five were coming.

The sounds of gunfire could be heard sporadically throughout the city as it appears that the end of the world brought out the crazies. He laughed at the thought, wondering who was crazier, those attempting to kill people with guns and knives or those that used nuclear weapons and asteroids?

He continued to sit on his back porch, watching the dark city around him. There was no electricity, the city having fallen into anarchy within weeks of the announcement, and with only two days left no one really cared. He was about to go back in his house when he heard the screaming. A woman screaming. He stopped. Should he help? With two days left did it matter what he did? Would anyone care about his response? The scream rang out again and before he knew it he had leaped over the railing and was running in the direction of the scream.

He cared.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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