Prompt for September 16, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

Her hair cascaded down her back in gentle waves.  The blue colouring that she recently added had faded near her scalp making her hair fade from a dark chocolate brown to an electric blue at the ends.  She had been growing it out all year for this costume and now it reached to her lower back which gave her some needed protection as her costume contained no back.  The air was chilly and her hair kept her back covered and prevented her teeth from chattering.

“Can we hurry up Wayne?  This wind is freezing my butt.”

“And what a cute butt it is,” he responded.  She just stuck out her tongue and he took another picture.  “Yeah, we’re done.  I think I’ve gotten all the pictures that I need.”

“Oh, thank god.  Help me into my jacket.”  She moved quickly from the tall grass and rushed over to the pile of camera equipment and cosplay accessories that littered the site they had chosen for the photo shoot.  Now that she could step out of character she felt the cold and had a desire for a warm cup of coffee, even though she hated coffee.  Anything warm.  Anything to fell normal again.

“Excellent work, Jazz, you really nailed the attitude of your character.  The shots should sell really well on the site.”  He helped her into her jacket, rubbing her arms for a few moments trying to get the blood flowing to warm her up.  When they started out the forecast had been for a warm day, but the clouds, the wind and the sheltered location of the abandoned house meant that there was no warmth to the day where they were.

“Thanks, Wayne, I hope it pays for the hospital bills that are coming my way.”

“Hey,” he said defensively, “it was your choice of character and you agreed to the site.”

“I know, I know,” she replied, waving off his comments.  “It’s just that I wish there was a way to make money without pandering to the lowest common denominator out there.”

“Sex sells.”

“Yeah, but can I hope for a little romance once in a while and not just ‘Hey, boobs’?”

Wayne laughed, remembering the comment from the last convention they were attending.  His laugh was cut off, however, as he spat blood.  He collapsed quickly, a gurgle dying on his lips.  Behind him, his knife dripping warm red blood, stood an older man, his eyes glazed with lust and a leering grin stretching across his face.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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