Prompt for September 18, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

“What do you mean it’s been five years since I died?”

The avatar she was talking too looked about as embarrassed as it could get and started to reply in that halting speech that she was beginning to despise. “You must understand … Ariel … that your soul was … torn … and needed to be … repaired … before we could … reconstruct you. It took time … to repair … the damage.”

“What do you mean ‘damaged’? How could my soul be damaged?”

The avatar cleared its throat, trying to make itself seem more realistic. “When a person dies a … traumatic death … the soul may be torn … damaged by the act. Your death was traumatic … for you … and for those around you. It took us time … five years … to repair the damage.”

She titled her head as she looked at the disembodied head. “Why can’t I remember dying? Why is it that everything just fades away? No, don’t answer that, just tell me where Drake is? Where is my husband? Did he die too?”

The avatar looked pleased at being able to relay information that seemed to be of a neutral nature. “No, your husband is alive. He is still in Seattle.”

“Thank God,” Ariel said, suddenly feeling weak at the good news. She took a step back to sit in the chair that she had jumped out of moments ago. “I miss him,” she whispered, more to herself than anyone else.

“Is he okay? Was he hurt in the accident that killed me?” She could have sworn that if the avatar could have fainted it would have. “What’s wrong? What’s wrong with my husband?”

“I am not … allowed … to give you … information … about those left behind. I can tell you … he is not well … your death caused him … a lot of … pain … great pain. He … spiraled? … out of control. If he continues … we will not retrieve his soul. He will die.”

To be told that you were saved from eternal death only to be told that your soulmate was going to die was not the way that Ariel had expected her day to go. But then again, she never expected to die.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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