Prompt for September 28, 2106

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

“It’s a dragon egg!  A real dragon egg!”

Laughter rang out in the auditorium as the voice of a ten-year-old echoed what was going through everyone’s mind.  The auditorium was filled with scientists and scholars from around the world, each person representing a unique branch of science, each person contributing to the overall project.  And on the stage, Darrel Morphing, project lead, laughed as loudly as everyone else.  His son had indeed captured the essence of what they were trying to do: create life.

Fifteen years of research.  Fifteen years of criticism.  Fifteen years of death threats.  But finally, here he was, on the verge of creating the first large scale autonomous creature ever and he chose a dragon.  Experiments and simulations showed that the effort to create a dragon was the same as creating a rabbit or a frog, so he followed his heart and the words of his father – go big or go home – and he went big.  Real big.

Over the course of the past two years he and his team had carefully created the necessary DNA patterns to create a dragon.  Not only create a dragon, but start the entire process from an egg.  Tonight the egg was going to hatch.  Tonight they were going to give birth to a new species, a species that had never existed before until his team had created it. 

And therein lay the problem: playing God.

There were many people who thought his work was something that should have been left to a non-existent deity or deities.  Those same people, who thought that one of the deadliest sins was murder, had launched numerous assaults on him in an effort to get him to stop his work, or to permanently stop him.  He moved his shoulder under his coat, conscious of the still tender muscles that were only now recovering from surgery to remove the bullet that had lodged in his shoulder blade.  Security was tight tonight, very tight, but even so he was nervous about what could happen.  His family needed to be protected.

In many respects, though, the genie was out of the bottle.  The egg hatching in front of them was the culmination of years of research, the vast majority of it was already in the public domain with only a few key steps proprietary to his company.  A noise from the crowd drew his attention back to the incubator that dominated the centre stage.

The leathery egg had cracked.  A series of smaller fissures radiated from the crack that had appeared near the apex of the egg.  The egg rocked slightly as whatever was inside struggled to escape.  Another rocking motion, another crack.  And another.  And then the top of the egg popped off and the creature inside was revealed.

“Oh,” he said,”this was unexpected.”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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