Prompt for October 1, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

As he stood up he cleared his throat, pausing for a moment to adjust his tie, and he then rounded the corner of the table and approached the jury.  They looked at him with a range of emotions.  Those who had already convicted his client were frowning while those who were interested in the truth were leaning slight forward, an expectant look on their faces.  He looked at the jury, six men and six women, and briefly wondered what the expression on his fave would have been if he had been a juror instead of the defence.

“There is no doubt that my client killed Sebastian Sommers.  He has confessed to it and even provided the police with the security tapes from his home that proved he killed Sebastian.  That’s not what is on trial today.  What is on trial is the idea, a belief, that a man has the right to defend himself and those he loves from what he believes is a serious threat.  A mortal threat.  Indeed, the prosecution will admit that Sebastian not only shot at my client, but hit him.  Not once, but twice.”  He paused to take a look at each juror.  Some of those who were originally frowning were now looking more thoughtful.  Being wounded while defending yourself had a tendency of changing peoples opinions, he thought.

“But my client fought back.  A former Navy Seal, my client fought back with all of the skills that he was taught in his fifteen year career.  He fought back with determination, fortitude and a sense of purpose that most of us will never know.  You see, my client also saw Sebastian shoot my client’s wife.  How would you feel knowing that a sadistic butcher could kill your spouse at any time?  Would you fight back?  Would you temper your response?”

“No, you would fight back with everything at your disposal.  You would attack until it was no longer an issue.  And that is what my client did.  Successfully.  Let me tell you a story about how my client, Captian Sean Nickels, a decorated Navy Seal, was so afraid for the life of his wife that he tore off his mental shackles and killed a man.”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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