Prompt for October 3, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

He jacked into the housecomp and updated his wet firmware. Jaco knew he could have done a wireless download but he didn’t want anyone wardriving to pick up his creds for his network. The encryption between his implant and his home network should have been secure, but he knew that nothing was as secure as a physical connection.

He phased in the overlay so he could see the progress. Being part of the beta testing group for CorticalCore Dynamics meant that he updated his firmware a lot. Too much, he sometimes thought, as updates were almost daily in frequency and some of the updates weren’t thoroughly tested. He remembered an incident not more than six months ago when the surfing filters were reversed. Unless explicitly authorized, the only thing he could find was porn. While it had been an interesting evening he was glad that a new update had been released in the morning.

“Download complete,” said the voice in his ear. “Do you wish to install the update now?” He nodded and the update process started. The update was going to take about ten minutes if the release notes were correct, much longer than normal so he might as well relax while the process finished. He sat down in his favorite chair and closed his eyes.

“Wake up Jaco,” said the silky smooth voice. It was almost like she was whispering in his ear. He reached up as if to swat away whoever was there, but that only elicited a giggle. He opened his eyes and looked around. The room, as usual, was empty except for himself.


“It’s me, Jaco, your firmware upgrade.” The voice was smooth, confident and had a trace of a southern accent. “You can call me Samantha, but not Sam. I don’t like Sam.”

Oh, crap, what had he gotten himself into.

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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