Prompt for October 6, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

I wasn’t sure what it was that woke me, the soft dripping sound near my head or the distant sound of sirens approaching, but when I opened my eyes the blinding pain forced me to close them again.  I tried to take a deep breath to force away the agony but I couldn’t.  Every time I tried to take a deep breath a sharp pain lanced through my chest, so shallow breathing is what I practiced.  

Just like I was taught as a child from my father, I gathered my thoughts and did a quick assessment of my situation.  I had been driving down the road, dawn had just broken and as I went through the intersection …  Was I hit?  I was still in the car, that much I could confirm as the seat belt was going to leave a huge welt from where it had stopped me from flying through the windsheild.  OK, next?

I was in pain and it was coming from almost every part of my body.  Both legs were probably broken and my right foot seemed to be pinned.  Arms?  Left arm was shattered as any attempt to move it just drove another dagger into my brain.  My right arm seemed to be relatively unscathed as other than some cuts there didn’t appear to be any broken bones.  I had a concussion, at the very least, and that was leading to the pain when I opened my eyes.  I cheated and peaked out from one lid.  The world was red.  Damn, head wound and it’s probably bleeding badly.  I was going to need help and soon.  I could still hear the sirens approaching, but they didn’t seem to be getting any closer.

I heard movement from outside the car as the door of another car seemed to be forced open and someone fell to the pavement.  Truck then?  With a groaning sound I heard them get up and stagger over to my car.  I turned to them as they approached and managed to whisper “Help”.

“Shit.  You’re still alive.  God damnit he told me this would be enough.  He told me that you’d be dead.  Shit, shit, shit.”  The voice, weak and whiny, started to move away as the sirens finally started getting closer.  “This has to end and it has to end now.”  I heard them searching their car for something before they came back.  I heard the distinct sound of a gun being cocked before the voice said “You’re a fucking monster, now die.”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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