Prompt for October 9, 2016

Complete the short story/flash fiction, that has the following opening:

Daro looked at her as she stood near the balustrade, her wind whipping around her like a snake.  The storm was close, closer than he would have liked, but she didn’t fear the storm nor what it was heralding in.  He liked that about her, the fearlessness she showed when those around her were frightened, but he knew it cost her in ways that he could not imagine.  She was alone on that balcony and no one in her entourage dared approach her, except for Lythia and himself.  But she had no one with which to share her heart, her desires, her own fears.  She was the Queen and she needed to be strong, for them.

He remembered when they started their campaign, those six short months ago, when they Varkosh invaded their kingdom.  No one expected them to survive the winter.  But they did.  Thanks to their Queen.  No, their Princess.  The King and Queen were still alive at that point and only died when the Varkosh attacked the capital in the middle of the night.  He rubbed the scar on his face remembering the chaos of that night and the efforts that he and others had gone to in an effort to save the Princess, to save the hope for the future.

“Queen Marlee, it’s almost time.”

She didn’t move, didn’t respond.  He was about to say it again when he saw her slowly turn around to look at him.  The war had taken it’s toll on her in ways that he could understand.  Losing her parents, having the fate of the kingdom depend upon her every decision, he couldn’t imagine the pressure on her shoulders and his heart went out to her.  The pain in her eyes was replaced with a grim determination that he had been seeing too often recently.  And within moments it was replaced with the blue fire of her magic.

“Yes, Daro, it’s time.”  Her voice had an eerie echoing quality as her magic covered her in a shield of mage-fire.  But even with the strangeness of her voice he recognized the steel within her voice.  “Let’s get our kingdom back.”

Post a link to the story in the comments.


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